Special guided tours in Holland

Dutchguide offers special tours in the Netherlands. From motorcycle tours around the IJsselmeer to photo walks in Amsterdam. Everything under the guidance of an experienced guide and professional photographer. Experience the Netherlands from an unknown point of view by a real Dutchman.

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Dutchguide has years of experience in organizing events for both profit and non-profit organizations. Hotels, transfers, interpreters, guides and program development, we can arrange everything in consultation with you, so your guests will be 100% satisfied.

Special Holland Tours

Special Holland Tours
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Special tours on bike, motorcycle and photo walks

Welcome to Holland. Welcome to the capital Amsterdam.
Dutchguide shows you in a special way Holland. Our tours are conducted in three different ways. First, there is the photo walk through Amsterdam for the most photogenic pictures on the most special places. Along the IJ through the city with its courtyards, the Red area, the Albert Cuyp market and Museumplein. All under the guidance of experienced Dutch guide and photographer, who speaks four languages: Dutch, German, English and Russian. Price € 25, – per person for groups starting from 6 people. Individual prices on request
Dutch Guide has two motor tours. You can get a half day in spring tulips driving tour along the gardens and the Dutch coast, culminating in a visit to the Keukenhof.
Throughout the season you can make a full day tour around the IJsselmeer Tour. This tour goes along old Hanseatic towns like Elburg, Kampen and modern polders on old sea walls, small ferries, picturesque towns in Westfriesland as Stavoren and Makkum. Then bij the Afsluitdijk (Dam) to North Holland where we drive on the old sea dike to Enkhuizen, Hoorn, Edam and Volendam.
A fascinating ride and relaxed touring to explore from your motorcycle Holland. Regularly will be stopped at nice places for coffee, cake, lunch and to make beautiful pictures.
Departure 9 pm and arrival 18h am in Amsterdam. Under the guidance of experienced guide and Dutch driver, who speaks four languages: Dutch, German, English and Russian.
Duchtguide has a special bike tour through the oldest Dutch polders Beemster and Purmerland, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage list. This tour takes about half a day and is about 80 km. Start and end in Amsterdam. The tour goes through the Zaanse Schans to Spijkerboor where old fortresses of the waterline lie with fortifications. The polder dikes to Graft-De Ripe. Coffee with apple pie in Oudendijk Les Deux Ponts. Further on the dikes along Schermerhorn and Oosthuizen and finally through Purmerend back to Amsterdam. A special tour to get to know the real Dutch landscape. Accompanied by an expert guide who speaks four languages: Dutch, German, English and Russian. The tour can be booked either individually or as a group. For a group as a minimum 6 people. Price per person € 25, – Individual prices on request.

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Our special tours:

  • photowalks Amsterdam 3 hours from € 25,- p.p.
  • biketours Dutch Polders 5 hours from € 40,- p.p.
  • photowalks Zaanse Schans 3 hours from € 25.- p.p.
  • motorcycle tours tulips 4 hours from € 40,- p.p.
  • motorcylce tours around the IJsselmeer 8 hours from € 55,-

Minimum of 6 participants per group. Individual prices on request.

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